EFFICIENCY Wayne Business Law will work diligently to ensure that your legal needs are satisfied swiftly. However, efficiency requires more than just speed- it requires that the work is done right. You don't have the time for your attorney to be correcting their own mistakes. In addition, Wayne Business Law is committed to minimizing the amount of legal work your business needs. The relationships the firm builds through honest, diligent work are exponentially more valuable than a few extra hours billed.
RESPONSIVENESS Wayne Business Law is committed to keeping you in the loop about your situation. After all, it is your business that we're working for. You'll never have to wonder what your attorney's been doing while you're busy running your business. Responsiveness requires more than just quickly returned phone calls, though. To really respond to a client, the lawyer must first listen. It is only when the lawyer understands your needs and desires that he or she can really be responsive.
AN OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE You've worked hard to grow your business, and you should be proud. But you've made many of your decisions step-by-step, and as your business has grown and evolved, you might not have the time to step back and analyze your business practices. Even if you do have the time, there's nothing like an informed, detached outside perspective to spot the small inefficiencies and waste that could be costing you a lot of money. Rather than putting blinders on and focusing only on your legal matters, Wayne Business Law is committed to providing your business with all the help it can.
CREATIVE SOLUTIONS The beauty of the contract is that the parties can establish most or all of the terms to govern their relationship. A creative lawyer will find opportunities to develop terms that are beneficial not only to their own client but to all of the parties. It is in these opportunities where a lawyer adds the most value to your business- rather than just getting you a bigger slice of the pie, the creative lawyer makes the pie itself larger. And if it's your lawyer who is enlarging the pie, you can be sure that your slice will grow the most.
TO MINIMIZE RISK Nobody likes to think about it, but most of the things you do in business are not going to adhere strictly to your plan. Costs overrun, shipments take too long, employees don't work out. Figuring out what to do in these situations is substantially cheaper than trying to figure out who owes what to whom when things go awry. The lawyer's job at this stage is to think of everything that can go wrong in each contractual relationship and to provide fair terms that best protect their client. However, the lawyer must also understand that balance is required between protecting against obscure risks and moving forward with the deal so you can grow your business. Wayne Business Law works hard to achieve this balance.
TO KEEP DOING BUSINESS You can't afford to let a dispute slow you down or ruin an important relationship. When you hire Wayne Business Law to settle your contract dispute, you can be certain that the dispute will be handled in the context of your overall needs. "Winning" the dispute will never get in the way of maintaining your relationships or keeping the wheels of your business turning.
FAIR BILLING Wayne Business Law is happy to arrange for fixed fee billing, low-interest payment plans, and in the right circumstances, a small equity stake. This flexibility will take the guesswork out of your legal expenses and free up your capital so it can work for you.