CONTRACTS Whether you are entering into, altering, or disputing a contractual relationship, you need an attorney who can influence people, be precise with language, and plan for potential liabilities. Wayne Business Law is ready to draft and negotiate any contract you need for your business.
STARTUPS AND ORGANIZATION The entity you choose when starting up your business can have profound effects on your liabilities- to customers, to the IRS, and to people you've never even met. If you've built your business so that it contains multiple entities, a strategic restructuring of your business assets could provide you with even more security, protecting you and your otherwise vulnerable business assets in case something does go wrong. To make this determination, Wayne Business Law will consider your needs and concerns and recommend a structure tailored specifically for your business.
BUSINESS FINANCE Your business needs money. Whether you already know where and how to get it, or you just know you need more of it, Wayne Business Law will help you bring in capital on terms advantageous to you.
BUSINESS DISPUTES You don't want to litigate. It's expensive and time-consuming, and the uncertainty can be nerve-wracking. But in America today, litigation can be unavoidable. If you've been sued or you need to bring a suit yourself, Wayne Business Law will handle everything so you can do what you do best- grow your business.
BUSINESS MEDIATION You both understand how important each of you is to the other's business, but after hours of talking it through, it seems you just can't settle that dispute yourselves. You're tired of going back and forth without making any progress, and can't take any more time away from your business to get this settled. Wayne Business Law will facilitate a process of reconciliation, develop creative solutions, and help you come to a settlement that attacks the heart of the problem and lets you put these issues to rest.